WORKSHOP 48 06-13/08/2022 ÖZLEM YALIM

The means of vocational education and experience will engage with written and verbal expressions during the design workshop named “ Phrasing the Village “. Considering the village as a raw material, its settlement, structures, buildings, paths, nature, residents, animals, plants, vehicles as well as its emotional, cultural, and political layers ( such as traditions, habits, daily life, residents thoughts of history, today and their future), a series af research and applications will be carried out. All the work will be both transferred into written skills, and also will be experienced through story telling. The workshop will focus to create a fictional narrative for the future, inspired from the emphatic studies and writing exercises. The attendants will also find the opportunity to deepen in topics as Social Architecture, The Politics of Things and Fictional Criticism, while improving their written and verbal skills. The end products will be a digital or printed book, together with a video documentary of performances, if the attendants prefer to tell their stories in the form of drama.