In our 2017 call we have said; “(…) under the title in the aegean countryside, as a geography lesson (…) we will try to think of ways in which the villages, which gradually decrease in population and which almost lost their names as a result of the Greater City Law (…) can slowly change using their own, internal dynamics in a way that is not traumatic (…) and to understand whether the local knowledge, which accumulated over long periods of time and which can be seen as a type of wisdom, is useful or not (…) The ancient city tours to Pergamon and Aigai will also be included in our programme (…) and we find being in a process that is open to appreciate (…) anything anyone brings to the table during our workshop (…) fruitful and pleasant.”

This year, we are organizing the 43rd workshop of Emre Senan Design Foundation/Yahşibey Design Workshops in Yahşibey Village in Dikili again. These workshops will be held between 1-15 August 2018 by Selda Baltacı and Emre Senan, and will differ from previous ones in three regards:

1. The Design Biennial will be held from 22 September to 4 November this year. We thought we could have a part under its concept; “A School of Schools.” Because Yahşibey Design Workshops have also always played an important role in the way design education is pushing its own limits. This connection is crystal clear when we read the text of the open call for A School of Schools. We realized we are closer to what has been defined under the titles “Time and Attention” and “Food and Customs” within the “Themes” section of the call. We thought we could approach the themes “Time and Attention” and “Food and Customs” by themselves, in relation to each other and in relation to other concepts; through direct or mediated connections.

2. A bit as a result of what these themes inspired and a bit as one of the most widely discussed matters in architecture education, we decided that working without computers; drawing with our hands and cutting and sticking to make models, should be a fine experience. This decision may seem a little conservative, but we think that it’s good to remember the connection between the hand and the mind.

3. Even though techniques of expression are extremely important when it comes to conveying our thoughts, they are not much valued. Considering this fact, we thought it would be good to have both architects and designers in our team this year. We will be a team of twelve;

9 architecture students and 3 graphic design students.

Included in the application portfolios you’ll prepare by taking these important details into consideration; we find it important that there will be your thoughts about the Design Biennial, your opinions about the themes we picked and some convincing documents regarding your free-hand drawings and model-making skills. Your handcraft skills are especially important, for the whole flow of our workshop will be depending on it.

We kindly ask you to send your portfolios, which should not exceed the 10 MB limit, and which include your CVs as well, to the e-mail address dilarasezgin@nsmh.com until 21 May 2018, Monday. Please write “2018_Yahşibey Design Workshops_NameSurname” in the subject area.

We are looking forward to meeting you in this workshop, where we will try new things together.

Best regards,

Nevzat Sayın