Yahşibey is a typical small Aegean village with approximatly 200 inhabitants. Most raise animals and olives. The village is situated at the bottom of a mountain overlooking the Greek island of Lesbos.

Yahşibey’s wonderful beaches and small bays on the Aegean are a mere 1 km away. Both Yahşibey and the neighboring Bademli, are both administratively a part of Dikili - a town of İzmir. Dikili is probably the most intellectual town in Turkey with a deep-rooted tradition of democracy. It is a typical vacation site for the middle classes. Dikili hosts every year in August, the Labor and Democracy Festival.

Probably the cleanest and the friendliest beaches in the Aegean are located in Dikili. And Dikili is very close to the historical sites of Allenoi, Aigai, Troy, Adramition and others. Wonderful towns of Ayvalık and Foça are nearby.

Yahşibey - Dikili is 8 km, Dikili - İzmir is 120.