NEVZAT SAYIN (Hatay,1954 -)

1978 Graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture Department in 1978.

Worked with Cengiz Bektaş for post-academic education through 1980-1984.

Continues his work in his private office of architecture since 1985

Conducted project studios in Bursa Uludağ University and Yıldız Technical University.

Founding member of the Postgraduate Architecture Program in Bilgi University.

Attended summer schools and juries for various schools of architecture in Turkey.

Published essays and interviews on architecture.

Participated in exhibitions of both architecture and photography.

The projects, Ürgüp – "A Void Below Ground" (1990), Gön Leather Factory 1 (1992), Gön Leather Factory 2 (1996) and Tekirdağ/Saray "The White House On An Empty Land" (1998) were awarded by the Chamber of Architects

Aga Han Prize of Architecture Nominee with his restorations and new buildings in Dikili Yahşibey Village twice.

The book "Nevzat Sayın-Dreams-Thoughts-Works" was published in 2004.

Nevzat Sayın