Yahşibey Design Workshops is an international project initiated by Emre Senan Foundation for Design. ESFD is directed by Emre Senan and Prof. Ayşegül İzer. YD Workshops project does not receive financial aid from any organization other than ESFD. However, friends of the foundation kindly provide support. Workshops are carried out in a special, dedicated building in Yahşibey village of Dikili İzmir.

The creative environment hence provided allows young students of design to enjoy and to benefit from working together. The objective is to discuss design, create designs or even to create design problems and some times try to create answers to those problems.The common output of each period is archived on this web site.

The working is plain simple: The Advisory Board of ESF of Design selects and invites a "Project Leader" from among the outstanding designers. The Project Leader then determines the datesin the calendar, the theme or subject and the students of his project. The students must be studying in a discipline like architecture, graphics, fashion, industrial design. Project students may be selected from the same or different disciplines. Final decision and the selection is up to Project Leader.

The project team members all meet in Yahşibey at the determined date and participate in the workshop under Project Leader's direction, to produce an "OUTPUT". The resulting "product" may well be a text, an exhibition, a presentation or any other format. ESDF always receives a presentation based on a template given in advance.The participants will be asked to make a live presantation at the end of the workshop period. All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Participation at the end of their workshop.

The participating students of design and the Project Leader live under the same roof during the workshop. They share a common daily life from cooking to cleaning. The students stay in the dormitory and the Project Leader stays in an allocated private room. Designed by the architect Nevzat Sayın, the building provides its guests with adequate comfort without any exaggeration.

No fees are required to attend the workshop. But the travel fares and the daily personal expenses of each participant will have to be undertaken by themselves. Yahşibey Design Workshops are "non-profit".

If you are interested in this project and think it will be useful, please contact ESF of Design.