Yahşibey Graphic Workshops complex is a specially designed two-storey building.First floor comprises of two halls: The main workshop and the dining hall with kitchen. It opens to the garden and the swimming pool. The garden has a stone wall.

Second floor has two large halls allocated as sleeping quarters: One for the project leader, the other for the participants. The inner court is surrounded with the bathroom, toilets and the storage. One of the two entrances to the complex is on this floor level.

The common building material of the local village is stone. Therefore, stone is used in the complex as the main architectural element. Concrete, steel and glass have only been used to complement stone, each in its natural form and none allowed to cover another.

The design of the complex has priorized the co-living & co-working comfort of the users. Harmony with the environment and the local climate have also been taken as a mandate. As with the usage, the daily maintenance and cleaning of the building has been an integral part of the design brief and is solved as plainly as possible. The complex is well-equipped to host 10 attendants plus a project leader, pleasantly:

Yahşibey Building
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